At Mekar Maker we strongly believe in being our own person, even with our roles as mothers and wives. We totally get that even though wearing the mommy hat can be super awesome, enjoyable and fulfilling, it's completely okay to find fulfilment in some form of side project - be it a creative pursuit, a small business, productive hobby and more - to serve the community, contribute to the family's economy or simply to retain our own sanity in the process *hehe*. We are afterall firstly servants of Allah, before being a khalifah and leaders of our flock

Through our weekly scribbles, we aim to uplift, inspire and connect with one another. Because we also strongly believe in the power of community - like this amazing mommy village who are just so generous, kind and beautiful. So that we can empower each other - because how many of us feel empowered every single day? Certainly not me. That's why we need each other's support, loves. To go through motherhood with more grace and less guilt. Along with a whole lotta faith and love.

Also, empowered individual = empowered mother = empowered servants and khalifahs in the community = empowered ummah, insyaAllah! #fighting

It’s amazing what we can achieve when we’re being empowered and helping each other in our respective journeys serving with our God-given talents and skills. If you're up for it, hey, why not join us and we'll sail this ship on mother earth, together. We'll try our best to appear in your inbox every Thursday with scribbles from the heart. And we sincerely hope that you'll love them too. :)

Mardhiah + Mekar Maker
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